Friday, 1 February 2013

Tracey - The line tracer

There was this tech fest at the Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur named Dyuthi held in the month of September last year. Since Thrissur is just a couple of hours away, I hopped into a train, with my friends Leo  and Nabeel. The plan was to participate in a "Line Follower" event and Leo's team also took part in the Robo-Wars.

I had already experimented with line followers at home. Here's a video of my first attempt.

Tracey acts crazy after some time, gets away from the line, then goes round n round in circles, desperate to get back on to the line.

A day before the tech fest I changed the cardboard base to a plastic one which Leo had. But in my hurry I didn't do a test run nor did I improve the code. RESULT : Miserable failure!!! In the above video, Tracey follows the line, at least for a short time. But she refused to budge at the event.

The code is just full of rubbish, so I wont share it now. Maybe I'll tweak Tracey in the "far" future, but for now, I have other exciting plans.

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