Thursday, 27 June 2013

FxOS Unit Converter App

My first try at mobile app development : A unit converter app for the Firefox OS.

It is a basic app, which lets you convert basic quantities like Length, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Speed and Time into the units of your choice.

I built the interface using jQuery Mobile. Jquery Mobile documentation is not the usual type, its just a collection of examples. This helped me to get on terms with the framework very quickly.

For source code visit :

I submitted the app to the Firefox Marketplace yesterday. It would get published on the Marketplace after it gets approved by Mozilla.

But since i'm too impatient, I went ahead and hosted the app using Github pages at
Note: The buttons may appear "extra long" on a desktop browser. Why? Because jQuery Mobile is Responsive and adapts to the screen size!

The app can also be installed by visiting the above link in the simulator add-on in the Firefox browser.

Looking forward to developing more Apps! Way to go Mozilla!

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