GSOC Update

Last two weeks, the progress was slow. I'm trying to strike a balance between college schedules now that college has reopened after Summer Vacations.

It seems like the decision of taking the Gaia Keyboard app as the base for the 3rd Party app is proving to be a hindrance. Much of the code is not reusable, and refactoring it is taking a lot of time. I'm still unable to register the jqim ime in the /js/ime folder with the initialisation function "init".

Due to this, the "click" event does not funtion. Tried it with the bn-Avro ime from Gaia, and it is also not functioning when installed as a third party app. As built-in, the bn-Avro keyboard is working fine.

This week I'm aiming to solve this minor hiccup and continue integration with jquery.ime.

Some of layout based keyboards are almost finished, and a few more Indian languages left to be completed.


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