GSoC Final Report

Alas GSoC 2014 has come to an end. It was a fantastic experience developing and adding support for Indic language layouts for Firefox OS. I did veer quite a bit away from my initial goals after getting feedback from the language community which mostly asked for layout based keyboard.

The implementation of the layouts for 14 indic languages have been completed, and I'm happy with the final results. The screenshots for all the 14 languages can be viewed in my previous post.

I have also prepared a screencast describing the usage, however, due to poor internet connectivity it is taking too much of time to upload. I'll update this blogpost with the screencast as soon as I get hands to a decent connection.

I'd like to thank Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and Mozilla for providing me with this wonderful opportunity and some great Mentors in Santhosh, Anivar, Hrishikesh, Tim and Rudy. Although the GSoC project may be finished, the keyboard has a lot of features to be improved upon and more support added and it will be my pleasure to continue working on it.

The repo has been forked over to SMC organisation :


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