GSoC update : Layouts completed, awaiting community review.

The keyboard layouts for the following languages are now complete :
  1. Assamese
  2. Bengali
  3. Gujarati
  4. Hindi
  5. Kannada
  6. Kashmiri/Kashur
  7. Malayalam
  8. Marathi
  9. Nepali
  10. Odia
  11. Punjabi
  12. Sanskrit
  13. Tamil
  14. Telugu
Most of the layouts are a (heavily) modified version of the Inscript, inspired from the Hindi layout that was present in the Gaia repo. The rest are phonetic based like the Malayalam Lalitha layout and the KaGaPa phonetic layout for Kannada & Telugu.

Hindi, Marathi, Kashmiri/Koshur, Nepali and Sanskrit use the same Devanagari based script and layout with some minor variations.

With all these layouts, I've achieved the primary goal of Indic language Input support on Firefox OS, but could not yet do with the transliteration based ones. I will be continuing to work on them after finalising and perfecting these layouts using community feedback.

All the above layouts are compatible with the Gaia keyboard codebase and can be pushed to the same, which will be done on advice from my Mentors from Mozilla, Tim and Rudy.

Here are the screenshots of the layouts :

                      Assamese                                                Bengali
                       Gujarati                                              Hindi - Bolnagri

                      Devnagari                                               Kannada

                      Malayalam                                                 Odia

                       Punjabi                                                     Tamil


If you speak any of these languages and want to suggest/improve the layout, feel free to open an issue on Github.


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